Getting Started

Welcome to the exciting, rewarding world of Real Estate.

Whether you are considering a career change, looking for supplemental income, or simply want to learn more about the business of Real Estate, you are in the right place.

At the Roy Faron School of Real Estate our goal is to give you the knowledge necessary for you to qualify to take and pass the North Carolina Real Estate License Exam.  In so doing you will learn invaluable information about buying, selling, and owning your own home, and how to assist others in with those same goals.

The process required by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission includes four steps:

  1. Take and pass the 75-hour* Broker Pre-License Course to qualify to take the state exam.
  2. Apply for the North Carolina Real Estate License.
  3. Obtain a Criminal Record Report (Part of the Application Process.
  4. Pass the North Carolina State License Exam.

* While the state-required minimum number of hours for the Pre-License Course is 75 – that includes the 4-hour final course exam. 

At the Roy Faron School of Real Estate, we feel it isn’t fair for students to be still learning information and go straight into the final exam.  Therefore, we have scheduled our course for 79-hours, with the final course exam the following week. This gives our students time to study, review, and contact your instructor for any last-minute clarifications before taking the final course exam.

Our primary goal is your success!  In order to do everything we can to assure this, we allow our students to take a retake exam if necessary.  If a student still is unable to pass the final course exam, he or she may repeat the entire course, provided the student attended the state-mandated 80% of the class hours, for an administrative fee of only $150.00.